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What People Are Saying About Ray...Ray offers proficient, yet friendly service to his customers. He believes trust is an important part of his relationship with his customers. In fact, he carries a key ring with keys to many of his customers' homes as proof of that trust.

A proud grandpa of two and a devoted husband, Ray is also a reliable, hard-working handyman with a good work ethic. He's honest and will work with clients to get the job done on time and within budget. Below are a few customer testimonials:

"Ray has done so many projects for me - everything from plumbing to painting and laying brick pavers. He even built a fountain in my back yard and installed my sump pump! Whatever the job may be, I know it will always be perfect! Ray is an honest, hard working man - I feel confident leaving him alone at my home. There's just none better than Ray Coffman!"

-- Jan Larson

"I have known Ray for over 10 years. I have hired him in many different capacities and always found him to be a reliable, efficient, skilled professional willing to do whatever was required to get the project finished.

Specifically in 1996, Ray was hired to assist with my major home remodel in Denver. This 5 month remodel was extensive and included plumbing, both rough and finish carpentry, tile work, and some electrical.

After I relocated to Loveland, Ray installed replacement kitchen cabinets, new kitchen sink, dishwasher, disposal, and wired electrical lighting in
my basements.

I would strongly recommend Ray whenever you need small repairs or major remodeling. He is clever, inventive and works hard to make whatever he does a quality, functional project."

-- Mark Brechbill

"I'm a single woman who recently bought my first house. After buying a fixer-upper, I was stuck with a huge home improvement undertaking. Ray has been there through all of it. He's installed light fixtures, laid a beautiful slate tile floor in my kitchen and did a custom herringbone inlay made of hardwood flooring to cover some gaps in the original hardwood floor. Not only has he completed each job for me when I needed it, but he has ensured that it's done right. He's even fixed projects other friends started, but didn't finish. I'm really grateful to have Ray as my handyman."

-- Heather Mills

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